• Poacher's Moon

    Poacher's Moon

    An ethnographical film on Southern Africa contemporary wildlife trafficking

  • Periplum Petroleum

    Periplum Petroleum

    M. Lecuyer's research project on contemporary plastic routes

  • Glowing Chimp at Yerkes Primate Center (Atlanta, USA)

    Glowing Chimp at Yerkes Primate Center (Atlanta, USA)

    life engineering, artificial selection and postnatural histories

  • One shared planet

    One shared planet

    Macrobiotic life and various forms of humanimal trafficking

  • Poached lives. Traded forms

    Poached lives. Traded forms

    From animuculus to Gaïa. From parts to whole. From life to death. And back (or not).

  • Transductive worlds

    Transductive worlds

    Mapping connections between umwelts

HumAnimaLab 2.0

Welcome to the HumAnimaLab website. We are HAL, a research group based at the University of Ottawa. Our focus is the new geological, environmental, political and cultural age that the world has seemingly entered: the anthropo(s)cene.

Bienvenue sur le site du HumAnimaLab. Nous sommes HAL, groupe de recherche à l'Université d’Ottawa. Nous nous intéressons à cette nouvelle époque géologique, environnementale, politique et culturelle dans laquelle notre planète entrerait aujourd’hui de plain-pied: l’anthropo(s)cène.

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-> introductory videographical work by Jeremie Brugidou for SSI special issue 55(3) 2016 titled: "Unfolding emergence and re-animating the causal flow" - http://journals.sagepub.com/toc/ssic/55/3 [Listen with headphones for entire soundtrack]