Exploratory Documentary, codirected with Fabien Clouette – HD – 74’ – 2014

Bx46 is an exploration of some species of spaces in the South Bronx industrial complex. Somewhere between a video-portrait, an archive, and a video-atlas, Bx46 spirals out from the workers, buyers and sellers towards a deep engagement with the material implications of space itself.

“Carefully self-effacing, Brugidou and Clouette eschew overt editorializing — no voiceover, no expository title cards — but their points are eloquently conveyed in a film that can seek and find beauty in the most unlikely of places. Colors are an eye-catchingly bold array of pungent primary hues, harshly illuminated by electric light in strong contrast to the night skies which look down over these round-the-clock enterprises. The directors’ eye for revealing detail and telling incident is sharp — as when a barrel of crabs is knocked over, allowing its crustacean inmates a desperate, brief, doomed break for freedom.”

Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

“Directed By Jeremie Brugidou, Fabien Clouette. These first-timers’ impressionistic study of the Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point is peppered with the recollections of old salts. e directors aim to examine the history accreted from decades of daily life—for instance, why the forklift operators zipping back and forth across the bustling complex are called “journeymen”—and to shine a spotlight on an otherwise unnoticed bit of the city’s infrastructure. Featuring short tangents on the market’s original Financial District location and its current neighbors in the Bronx, a prison-barge and a waste-treatment plant, the film’s greatest asset may be its resolute humility, its unspoken insistence on the primacy of the day-to-day.”

Eli Goldfarb, the L Magazine

Festivals :

FID Marseille 2014 – Compétition française et premier film
Festival International du Documentaire de Création de La Rochelle – Novembre 2014
Mois du Doc Paris – Novembre 2014
First Look Film Festival, NY – Janvier 2015
Festival International du Film d’Environnement de Paris (Cinéma des Cinéastes) – Février 2015 Festival Filmer le Travail de Poitiers (compétition internationale) – Février 2015
Festival du Film de l’Ouest de Betton – Juin 2015
Festival Kino Otok Izola Cinema en Slovenie – Juin 2015
Festival de Cinema de Douarnenez – Aout 2015
Pancevo Film Festival en Serbie – Septembre 2015
Musée de l’Éternelle – Paris décembre 2015
Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland – Londres décembre 2015
Festival Pêcheurs du Monde – Lorient mars 2016

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 PhD candidate at Paris 8 University EDESTA-ESTCA Filmmaker at Les Plans du Pélican (lesplansdupelican.wordpress.com) https://vimeo.com/jeremiebrugidou